Need to find a new way to charge that makes sense?


In less than two hours time here's what you'll get to learn how to:

...identify what your service charging options really are.

...identify the difficulties and benefits of hourly charge or charging by the breed.

...determine what the basis of a point system is and how it works


Enjoy a workshop designed FOR Groomers, taught BY a Groomer!

If you’re a pet professional, a business owner or probably both who is looking to understand your finances better...

Then you've come to the right place!

When you enroll during this workshops launch, you’ll get:


"Pricing and Points"
A $400 Value


Pricing & Points

$197.00 USD
  • 5 Modules packed full of Savvy info

    Get all the insights with easy to understand video guided modules. 

  • Worksheets

    An instant download worksheets to guide you through the course and keep you on track.  Both fillable pdf or print off.
  • Access to the Live Unedited Workshop Recording

    A one hour video filled with not only the module contents, but extra examples and a Q & A session at the end.
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What’s Inside "Pricing and Points":

Service Charging Options

A  dive into the common considerations for grooming prices in our industry...and a discovery of all your options! 

Charging by Breed

A deeper look at the break down of how charging in this format might actually be hurting your business profits. 

Charging by The Hour

A deeper look at the break down of how charging in this format might actually be hurting your business profits. 

Introduction to the "Point System"

Here we actually begin breaking down how a point system is structured and how to do deal with breed differences. 

Understanding Groomers & Points

Here we teach you the break down considerations for how to deal with the difference in staff members.

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