Owning A Grooming Business Should Be Easy! 

With the Savvy Groomer's Guidance, You're Sure To Discover Your Purpose, Rekindle Your Passion and Motivation To Create Profit- Like Never Before.

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Do You Feel Burnt Out And Broke?

 Hey, I'm River and I understand! 

I went from living in my car to owning multiple successful pet businesses.  Well, that's the short version!   I'm on a crusade to change the pet industry.  It sucks to have a pathetic paycheck OR have no idea where all that money went, you work too hard for that!

River's Story

A Path for Everybody

No matter what season of life or stage of business you are in, Savvy Groomer has a path for you.


Happy just being an employee?  That's GREAT!  Let's discuss how to help you grow wealthy while focusing on enjoying your passion.

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Want to own a profitable grooming business but you don't want to hire any employees? That's GREAT!  Let's discuss how to make that path a reality.

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Business Owner

Ready to take your business to the next level?  That's GREAT!  Let's discuss how to grow in a way that gives you a permanent work-life balance.

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Don't Know Where To Start?  

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Personal Finances

Are you tired of being burnt out and broke?  It sucks to get a pathetic paycheck, you've been putting in the time but have nothing to show for it.  You work too hard for that.  You deserve more.  I understand I lived in my car once but now I am thriving, living on my terms.

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Business Education

Are you frustrated by the advice given in Facebook groups that seems to blow up in your face?  It's not your fault when everyone seems to be telling you the same thing.  Learn easy to implement business strategies that solve problems and make your life easier.

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Mentoring & Coaching  

Are you ready to take your business to the next level but not sure how to do it?  Do you feel stuck on a decision or need guidance from someone who isn't going to give cookie-cutter answers?  Consider a free virtual coffee to learn more.  Coaching is available as a group mentoring program as well as optional additional one on one hours with a Team Mentor!

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We also offer Master Classes

Want to dig deeper on tough subjects? These 6 week courses are designed to give you support and in depth knowledge to help guide you on key business decisions. 

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Have Fun And Get Wealthy, Even If Money Isn't Why You Groom 


You don't have to be a greedy bitch to come grow with us. The Savvy Groomer is all about getting your bank account booming, while not compromising on your values or sacrificing long term happiness.

Join The Unapologetically Wealthy Groomer Revolution

We believe no one should have to groom till they die.
You work too hard to have nothing to show for it.


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