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Hey, I'm River Lee.


I went from homeless to running multiple successful pet businesses... well that's the short version.  Now I'm on a crusade to help pet professionals internationally find their purpose and profit, while enjoying their passion.

The Long Version

Through my journey, I realized the whole point of getting your finances and business under control, making calculated sacrifices, and growing is to have a plan that gets you excited for the future.

“Grooming till we die” is not a choice, it's being a slave to a profession or a business.  I refuse to live a life that supports my business, I will only build a business that supports my life.  

My pain is very personal, it’s embarrassing and humbling.  I often struggle with telling my story because I have decided to be real, raw, and vulnerable.  My crusade is to give pet professionals the shortcut to living a life of their choosing, on purpose, and be excited every day.  Pinch yourself and say, "yes, this is real!"

The Long Story


Certified Feline Master Groomer
National Cat Groomers Institute

Ramsey Master Financial Coach
Ramsey Solutions

Certified Pet Groomer
Mount Ida College

Current Publications

Grow Wealthy Grooming
Youtube Live Show

 Greedy Bitch

Speaking Conferences

Bad Ass Cat Conference '20
National Cat Groomers Institute

  • Is It Possible To Run Your Grooming Business On Autopilot?

Pet Professional Business Summit '20
Pawsitive Educational Training

  • Start Retirement in 2020
  • Zone of Genius
  • Outsource or Hire?
  • Bookkeeping for Pet Professionals

Guest Appearances

Financial Freedom
Unleashed Podcast
Danelle Drops In
National Cat Grooming Institute (Interviewed)
River Lee
Women Petpreneurs (Interviewed)

Articles & Publications

Piece of the Pie
Perfect Pointers Magazine / NCGI Blog

13 Secrets of Pet Groomers
Mental Floss (interviewed)

Time For a Change
Perfect Pointers Magazine

Too Many Titles to List
Savvy Groomer Blog

Recent Conferences

 CFMG Beach Retreat '17, '19 & '20
Myrtle Beach, SC
National Cat Groomers Institute

Unleash the Power Within
New York
Tony Robbins

Entrepreneur Experience
San Diego, California
Amy Porterfield

Business Boutique '18 & '19
Nashville, Tennesse
Ramsey Solutions

My Passion.   My Mission.   My Crusade.


Maybe you're rolling your eyes or laughing at me.  A Crusade?  How outrageous.

Warning:  This is a long read (10+ minutes), it's sad, real, and raw.  This is my story and it's one of both victory and tragedy. 


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