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What’s Actually Inside this MASTERCLASS?

 Well let's take a quick sneak peak!

Week 1

What is your investment?

Module Highlights: 

  • Identify what your investments are and quantify that value.
  • How about education? 
  • Painting the future picture.
Week 2

How much do you want to earn?

Module Highlights:

  • Discover how much you want to earn, realistically!
  • A challenge session-  where do you want to be! 
  • Discover how being an owner vs employee changes the deal!
Week 3

What makes you special?

Module Highlights:

  • Discover critical aspects of who your client base is to help determine your future goals.
  • Understanding the market can be wrong and you can make it right! 
  • Bring clarity to your pricing structures by discovering which one is right for you!
Week 4

Implementation: Putting a plan in place!

Module Highlights:

  • Analyze your current plan.
  • Correct/change your plan with guided instructions. 
  • Discover what the next steps are for you! 
Week 5

Communicating a price increase to clients

Module Highlights:

  • Discover different ways to have this tough conversation.
  • Gain understanding on just how to have confidence when approaching this conversation.
  • Use the provided scripts in this section to implement this in your own business!
Week 6

Trouble-shooting customers reactions:

  • Learn how to predict how customers might react.
  • Learn how to respond when clients don't take the change well.
  • Use the provided scripts for handling objections with confidence.

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