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Work eight, nine, ten or MORE hours a day?  5, 6, or 7 days a week ?  How nice would it be to work less but earn the same or more

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You work too hard to let your business eat up your income like a blackhole.  How would you feel about letting your business put money in your pocket? 

Gain Freedom

You didn't open up a business to feel trapped and obligated.  How would it feel to build a business that makes you feel limitless?  

Too many Groomers own a job, not a business.

At Savvy Groomer we teach pet professionals how to make simple changes in their business so they can grow a business that is successful.

 You'll get plenty of advice that doesn't actually make a difference only leading to frustration & overwhelm and feeling like a failure. You have been putting in the effort but don't have anything to show for it. Savvy Groomer helps business dreams come true with expert advice from someone who's been there. 

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 Annual Membership Includes:

  • Library of Workshops

Enjoy over twenty 1-2 hour pre-recorded workshops that specifically tackle common grooming business questions. Including seminars from Grooming conferences! (most sold separately for between $47 - $197)

  • Knowledge You Need

Tackle simple yet effective business topics to organize and grow your grooming business.  Many workshops include workbooks or worksheets to explore in more depth!



What's Inside the Library:



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Pricing & Points

Too many groomers do not know how to price appropriately. I will introduce students to a point system that will charge accordingly for work done no matter who in your establishment does the work.

We cover:

  •  Various service charging options
  •  Charging by breed
  •  Charging by the hour
  •  Introduction to the point system
  •  Adapting the point system to your staff
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Money or Morals

 This workshop is to help you when you're faced with a decision about making money vs doing something you're not sure is right like shaving double-coated dogs, shaving a pet without bathing, de-matting a dog, taking dogs in heat/pregnant, or intentionally quicking dogs' nails. 

We cover:

  • Intro into Controversy 
  • Controversial Topics
  • Making a Decision 
  • Case Studies
  • Policies to Support Your Decision  
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Bookkeeping Basics

One of the most important business practices is to know your numbers. Learn the basics of bookkeeping and the importance of record keeping.

We discuss:

  •       What is bookkeeping
  •       Business accounts
  •       Software and bookkeeping methods
  •       Debits and credits
  •       Bookkeeping tips
  •       Real-life examples
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How to Start Planning for Retirement

Do you know how and when you should begin planning for retirement? Learn the basics and options for both business owner and employee. It is never too early or to late to begin planning.

We cover:

  •       Planning for the future
  •       Traditional or Roth IRA
  •       SEP IRA
  •       Simple IRA



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Identifying & Attracting Your Soulmate Client

Let’s introduce you to the concept of soulmate clients and the marketing strategies to attract and hold on to them.

We cover:

  •  Acknowledging past poor clients and the effect on your business
  •  Marketing basics
  •  Your brand matters
  •  Attracting your soulmate client
  •  Creating client appreciation
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Onboarding Clients & Dealing With Difficult Clients 

These are written guides to help you prepare your clients to best work with you & things you can do to manage difficult client situations more efficiently.


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Once-A-Year Clients

 Learn how to manage those once and twice a year-clients with strategies and tactics to make these difficult clients better and less stressful.

We cover:

  •       Acknowledging they are not your soulmate clients
  •       Address your marketing
  •       How they impact your business
  •       Managing the Once A Year (OAY) client
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How to Start Planning for Retirement

Do you know how and when you should begin planning for retirement? Learn the basics and options for both business owner and employee. It is never too early or to late to begin planning.

We cover:

  •       Planning for the future
  •       Traditional or Roth IRA
  •       SEP IRA
  •       Simple IRA



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Zone of Genius

 What is your zone of genius and how does that play a pivotal role in your business? Identifying who are and using your strengths while compensating for your weakness will turn your business into a profit-making machine.

We cover the 3 types of geniuses:

  •       Artist/Technician
  •       Manager
  •       Entrepreneur
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Preventing Burnout

 Burnout cuts a groomer's longevity and happiness in the pet industry short. Burnout is a major contributor to injuries on both pets and groomers. Learn ways to nip burnout in the bud.

We cover:

  •       Physical burnout
  •       Financial burnout
  •       Mental burnout
  •       Steps to re-establish your passion
  •      Make happiness a priority


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Personal Reset 

Stop the overwhelm!! Learn organizational concepts to take back control of your business and your life. 

We cover:

  •       Benefits of organization
  •       Procrastination
  •       Reclaiming your time
  •       Relationships and their effects
  •       Self-care
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Vision Board Guide & Workbook

Vision boards allow you to turn dreams into reality, but you have to know what your dreams are before you can manifest them. You need to take them out of the realms of dreams, and turn them into reality by being specific.



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Take Control & Organize Your Business

Create a business where you have better control and make decisions that fit your lifestyle. Learn 4 different ways to organize your business.

We cover:

  •       Business descriptions
  •       Declutter your workload
  •       Changing business habits
  •       Clarifying and planning
  •       Outsourcing
  •       Your next steps
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Organize your Business

If you're in a constant state of overwhelm it's hard to keep track of what you're doing- this is the course for you. You'll end up with a clearer vision of where you are now- and where you want to go. These are guides and workbooks to help you. 

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Office Organization 

An introduction to office organizational concepts that will reduce your overwhelm, save you time, get rid of clutter, and re-energize your business and life.

We cover:

  •       Benefits of an organized office
  •       Decluttering your workspace
  •       Letting go of the unnecessary
  •       Decluttering your inbox
  •       Finding the right organizational tools
  •      Cleaning up your computer
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Schedule Tasks Like A Boss 

Are you prioritizing what needs to be done in your business and putting out fires as they pop up? Prioritizing and scheduling those important tasks is a skill. More importantly, it’s a skill you can learn.

We cover:

  •       Defining priorities
  •       Eisenhowers Time Management Matrix
  •       Utilizing time management



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Run Your Business On Auto-Pilot

Would you like a business that allows you time outside of your business. Where you run your business instead of the other way around.

We cover:

  •       Planning procedures
  •       Streamlining client contact
  •       Software
  •       Outsourcing Vs. hiring
  •       Exit strategies
  •       Value of continuing education
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Outsource Or Hiring

Knowing when a business should hire and when they should outsource a service can be tricky. Learn how and when how each choice can benefit a business. 

We cover:

  •       Determining when a business needs help
  •       Employee Vs. contractor
  •       What to outsource
  •       Determining Return On Investment
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Holiday Prep

Groomers should be able to enjoy the holidays without giving up income or passing out at the end of the day. Learn to prepare in advance to make the holiday season less stressful and more profitable. 

We cover: 

  •       Cleaning, inventory and maintenance
  •       Prepping clients
  •       Policies, procedures, and systems
  •       Prepping employees

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