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Unleash your unique grooming genius, let the Savvy Groomer guide and simplify your business blueprint. 

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In the dynamic world of pet grooming, it's not just about perfect cuts and styles.  At Savvy Groomer, we blend enthusiasm, insights and dedication to help you transform your grooming passion into a thriving business.  Our membership gives you the tools to support this change.

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  • You Seek Tailored Learning: You're after a program designed exclusively for groomers, addressing the unique nuances of the grooming world vs being lumped with all other pet industry professionals.

  •  You Value Expert Guidance: You believe in learning from the best, with mentors who've successfully navigated the grooming business landscape. Preferring their firsthand experiences and tried-and-true strategies.

  • Mentorship Matters to You: You understand that wisdom from seasoned professionals can be the game-changer in your grooming business journey. You don't want to learn the hard way.
  • Community is Where You ThriveBonding and collaborating with fellow groomers in an exclusive circle feels just right. In this supportive space, groomers share insights and together, prosper in business.

  • You Seek Flexibility & Empowerment: In search of a program that aligns with your rhythm, you value on-demand content available at your convenience. Determined and focused, you're ready to channel your skills into a thriving business and command your journey to success.
  • You Love Exclusive Perks: You appreciate the value of member-only discounts on advanced courses, personal coaching, and other top-tier services.  You want to enjoy all the things while saving money wisely.
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What's included in

The Savvy Groomer Membership

  • Business Workshop Library ($50/month value)
  • Members-Only Discounts (anywhere from 50% to 100% off)
    •  100% off of Live Masterclasses ($500 for non-members)
    • Self-Study Masterclasses, 50% Off ($1,000 for non-members)
    • Monthly Voxer Coaching, 50% Off ($400/mo for non-members) 
    • 1:1 Hourly Coaching Call, 50% Off ($400/hr for non-members)
    • VIP Day Coaching Calls, 50% Off ($1600/4-Hours for non-members)
  • Monthly Live Group Mentoring ($200/month value)
  • Month-Long Support via our members-only Facebook group
  • Attend Live Workshops 
  • Archived Recordings of Group Mentoring for reflection and replay 

🏆 Investment: $250/month

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Business Workshop Library

📚 Discover invaluable insights with our Business Workshop Library, a curated collection of workshops and seminars.

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Group Mentoring

🤝Dive into Group Mentoring, where collaborative learning meets expert guidance for unparalleled growth.

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1-1 Coaching

✨ Break free from cookie-cutter solutions with our 1-1 coaching, offering personalized strategies for your unique vision.

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🌟 Enhance your understanding with our six-module masterclasses.These immersive online courses cover specialized topics such as:
📈 Price Increases 📜 Membership Models 👥 Hiring, Managing, and Compensating Employees

🔴 Offered Live or 📖 Self-Study.

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