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3 tips that made a difference in my pet grooming business


Hello hello and welcome to Greedy Bitch, a podcast where groomers stop apologizing for charging their worth.  I’m your host River Lee, founder of the Savvy Groomer. This episode is sponsored by the Business Workshop Library where you can access all my favorite workshops, seminars and guides in one place. Let’s talk about today's topic:


3 tips that made a difference in my pet grooming business 


Are you running a business and it really feels like your business is running you? I’m going to share 3 tips that will help get your business back under control. These 3 tips made a difference in my pet grooming business.


Tip #1 - Basket it!


Organizing your loose items into containers or baskets will make a huge difference. Consider what your desk or salon currently looks like. Having things put away will melt away stress. The saying “a place for everything and everything in its place” has a lot of merit.


For example, I personally have a place to put my keys when I get home, otherwise I spend a few hours a day looking for my keys.


What do you often lose? What could you put away in a basket that would allow you to find it more quickly?


Tip #2 - Prime your day by setting expectations


You don’t need to be a morning person to prime your day for success.


For example, I personally start my day by journaling and filling out my Michael Hyatt Full Focus planner. It makes me reflect on what I’m grateful for, what I have to do in the day, and lets me snuggle my cat for a few more minutes in bed. I find when I start my day reminding myself of all the beautiful things in my life it’s easier to get the day going. I have a list of things that are a mile long to do, but I get to do them. What I choose to focus on defines my reality. 


Tip #3 - Schedule repetitive tasks


There are so many things that we waste our time on that we simply hate to do. 


For example, mine is taking out the garbage and laundry. I didn’t actually mind doing towels for my pet grooming business - I actually found rolling up the towels to be really relaxing. What I don’t really like trying to match socks.


In the morning when I’m planning my day, I schedule these tasks. I give myself a set amount of time to do them so they don’t drag on. 


If I give myself 30 minutes to do laundry and I haven’t matched all the socks, that’s okay. I’ll do it tomorrow or I’ll schedule it around a time I can multitask so it’s not eating into my day. 


How about my business? How does that work? I scheduled certain times of the day to check my business phone and email to reply to clients. 


Days when I was in my van, I had a list of things to do. It just helped me to schedule them so I didn’t forget about them. 


What are some repetitive tasks that you could schedule to get them over with and make them easier? 



If you guys are interested in learning more about the Business Workshop Library, be sure to visit me at savvygroomer.com/gwg. This is a library that has all favorite workshops, seminars and guides all in one place. It tackles simple yet effective business topics to organize and grow your grooming business. 


Thank you all so much for listening to this podcast, 3 tips that made a difference in my pet grooming business. Be sure to visit me at SavvyGroomer.com to see my current opportunities to work with me in growing your pet grooming business plus more free resources for you to learn. See you in our community on Facebook - Savvy Pet Professionals! As always, Happy Grooming