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Break old money habits

I have always hated the saying, “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks.” We all know that isn’t true. The old dog simply knows that eventually you’ll give up and probably give him the treat anyway. 

Now in this instance, you have trained your brain to avoid doing a budget. 

Let’s start by first making a conscious decision that you will take firm control of your personal finances.

Business finance and implementing an accounting process can take a back seat for 90 days, while you tackle your personal finances. 

It’s like learning to groom. If you don’t first understand the bath, you have no hope of ever creating the perfect groom.

Before starting your day, look at your appointment book. Don’t just look at the names and the haircuts, but how much the grooms cost. Are there any upsells? Are you charging based on time? Spend a few minutes each morning to make a note of your balances and your debt.

If you use the envelope system, how much is in each envelope? 

The more you pay attention, the more comfortable you'll become with money, and the more open you will be to receiving it.  

In this line of work, there are always ebbs and flows - from where the phone is ringing off the hook to picking it up to make sure there’s even a dial tone. Just give it a few weeks, or months, before it booms again. 

Knowing exactly where your money is coming from, and how much expenses you have each month, will help you prepare for those slow months. Financial knowledge equals financial power. 

If you guys are interested in learning more about Personal Finance on a Leash, be sure to visit me at savvygroomer.com/enroll. This is a 12 module masterclass where we teach you how to get on a personal budget, learn how to work with your money, and change your relationship with money.