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Understanding SMART Goals

Let's go ahead and start talking about today's topic to, so if, for those of you guys that have never heard of creating a smart goal,


it is a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely goal. Now, every single, you know, person does their goals differently, but I, I often talk about smart goals and I realize I actually have not done a live where I've really broken down what a smart goal is. So let's start with ss. SS is for specific, okay?


So when we talk about a specific goal, what we really wanna talk about is something specific, strategic or significant. So basically knowing what you will do and exactly how you're going to do it. This is not always easy, right? It's understanding, you know, what do I wanna accomplish? Why is the goal important? Who is involved? Where is it located?


And which resources or limits are involved? Now, as we come to New Year's resolutions, this is gonna be really important to know exactly what our goal is for goals. So oftentimes we're gonna say, I want to lose weight, or in my business, I want to make more money. Well, that's not a very specific goal. So think about what do I wanna accomplish?


Why is this goal important? Who is involved? Where is it located? And what resources or limits are involved, right? So be a little bit more specific in your goal. Now let's move on to the next letter, which is N. So that is for measurable, meaningful, and motivational. Okay? So think about having precise ways to measure.


Now this seems really simple and easy, but it's not always that simple. So your question's gonna be, how much, how many and how will I know when it is accomplished? Again, let's go back to, I wanna earn more money in my business. Now, that's not a very specific or a measurable goal. Maybe it's going to be, I want to earn a hundred thousand dollars in 2022,


right? So by knowing how much I will know when it is officially measured and therefore achieved, right? So you often hear people say, I wanna lose weight. Well, do you wanna lose five pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds by just saying weight? You're kind of setting yourself up for failure setting. I want you to consider how you are going to measure that.


Now, moving into our next letter, we have a, for our smart goals, which is attainable, achievable, and adjustable. Okay? So you wanna think about being able to visualize your path. Again, that may not seem like a big deal until you start creating your goals, right? So how can I accomplish this goal is the first question you ask yourself.


And how realistic is the goal based on other constraints such as financial factors? So let's say you are opening up your very first grooming business. You've never owned a grooming business. You are gonna open the doors as of March 1st, and you're like, you know what, I really wanna earn a hundred thousand dollars this year. Well, we've already figured out how we can measure that,


right? So for instance, you guys know I'm a numbers nerd. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pull up a hundred thousand dollars and let's say instead of being open later, let's say we open in January for easy math, okay? Actually opening up in March is easier 'cause that would be 10 months. So let's say a hundred thousand dollars divided by 10 months,


well that's about $10,000. So if I open a grooming salon with one groomer working 20 days, which is five days a week, four weeks a month, right? So it's 20 working days, that means that groomer needs to groom $500 a day. Is that realistic? Well, it depends on how much you're paying for, you know, it depends on how much your grooms are.


So for instance, let's say if I'm grooming five dogs or five cats at a hundred dollars a piece, well that's pretty easy. I would divide by that $500, right? Divided by five. Five pets would be a hundred dollars, which is how many? How much my groom is, or $500 divided by five pets, which would be a hundred dollars per pet.


Now let's say instead I am opening up the same grooming salon, I wanna earn a hundred thousand dollars. I'm still gonna be working 20 hours a week. I'm sorry, 20 hours. A 20 days a month. Sorry, I had $500 a day. But instead of charging a hundred dollars per pet, I'm going to charge $50. That's 10. Am I realistically going to groom 10 pets at $50 per pet at $500 a day?


Maybe, but it is that really realistic. That's a lot. That's how you get burnt out. So we wanna make sure that it is in fact attainable. Now our next letter is R, relevant, realistic, and results. So basically being able to visualize the results. Now, a lot of times people get confused on this, and I understand why,


right? 'cause you're like, why does it matter? So this is where with savvy groomer, I really want you to be aware of the season of life you're in. And you guys will hear that all the time. Does this seem worthwhile, right? If you are pregnant with your fifth child and this is your last baby and you're like, I really wanna stay home with this baby,


it's probably not the right time. If you are taking care of elderly parents and that's your priority, trying to increase your revenue to a hundred thousand dollars a year may not be the right, you know, time, it may not match your other efforts or needs in your personal life. We wanna make sure that our personal and our business life really connect,


you know, and again, am I the right person to reach this goal? Sometimes you could be have the opportunity, but it may not be bright for you. And on more than one occasion, I've had a fantastic idea, but I've had to sit back and go, okay, but is this right for me? Is this right for this time in my life?


And sometimes it's not. Sometimes you need to accept the fact that even if it's a good idea, it's not a good idea for you, right? And it we also wanna make sure, especially in this day and time, is it applicable to the current socioeconomic environment? In other words, is it achievable given the current financial environment? So this might be along the lines of if you're like,


okay, I wanna work three days a week. I wanna groom no more than five pets a day and I wanna earn a hundred thousand dollars. So I'm gonna say, okay, let's go ahead and break down those numbers. So if I, you know, that would be 10 working days, 3, 6, 9, 12. So 12 working days rather A month. Okay,


we're gonna take a hundred thousand dollars. We're gonna divide that, let's say by 12 months, about $8,333. And I'm gonna divide that per month based on 12 days, which is $695. And then from 695, I'm gonna divide that by five. Could you charge $140 per pet? Potentially, but realistically, are you, and that depends upon where you are in the socioeconomic area.


Like do you live in an area that can, can the market bear that price? Now, I personally believe that very rarely does the market actually show what it can bear, but it's important for you to really consider, do you feel comfortable? Do you feel comfortable telling people, okay, your dog, your shihtzu, your small breed dog is gonna start $140.


And you may wanna build up to that, but you may not feel comfortable yet in doing that. And it's not always that easy. So consider where you're at, how much money there is. And again, it's not always a straight line guy. Sometimes like I, in Rhode Island, I would say the average cat room was like 85 bucks and I was charging $200 for a line cut.


So just because other people don't have the balls to do something doesn't mean that you don't have the balls to do something. So let's move on to our last letter. And that is t and t is for timely, trackable, and tangible. Okay? So what I want you to consider is having a timeline for achievement. Again, we wanna make sure that this is exactly where you need to be,


right? So it's gotta be time bound, right? So when you know what can I do six months from now, what can I do six weeks from now? What can I do today? We really wanna break down again, we've already figured it out, right? So let's go back. We've already figured out specific strategic and significant. We've made sure it's measurable,


meaningful, and motivational. It's attainable, achievable, adjustable. It's relevant, realistic, and we can figure out the results. So now let's actually create that timeline, right? So again, it's not always the easiest thing to do, do, because what you're, what you wanna do is say something along the lines of, I wanna earn more money or I want to grow my business.


These are not smart goals. These are just kind of wishes, right? It's kind of like that guy that you talk to, he is like, oh, I wanna open up a business. You're like, what kind of business? I don't know, I just wanna open up a business. He's like, well, do you wanna open up a grooming salon?


Yes, I wanna open up a grooming salon. Okay, when do you wanna open up a grooming salon? I don't know. At some point, well, how about in two years from now? Yes, I wanna open up a grooming salon in two years. Okay, well what do you need in order to open up that grooming salon in two years?


And as we're asking these questions, we're really beginning to flesh this all out. And what I want you to do is, when you're doing these smart goals, when you're creating these New Year's resolutions for your business or for your personal self, make sure they are smart goals. Specific, knowing what you will do and how measurable, having precise ways to measure attainable,


being able to visualize that path. Realistic, being able to visualize results, having a timeline, right? It's gotta be time bound. Having a timeline for these achievements. This is exactly what we need, guys. We need to start making sure that our goals are aligned. And one of the main things with Savvy Groomer is just because you wanna earn more money,


we wanna make sure you're in a season of life that you are ready to either sacrifice or focus towards those things. It's not always cut and dry guys, sometimes it's kind of messy. You know, for me, with savvy groomer, savvy Groomer is in a great place to grow, but my sister's gonna have a baby any day. And for Savvy Groomer right now,


things are kind of on hold because my business is me. My business caters to my life. And if I wanna be here and if I wanna meet my nephew and I wanna make that a priority, guess what? That's what my business is gonna do. It's gonna cater to me. And what I wanna teach you guys is how to make your business cater to you.


My business allows me to do what I want in my life. And what I wanna do is be the best auntie and be there to meet this little baby. Now remember, my son's 10 and I wanna be on the other end of that, you know? And considering how traumatic my last pregnancy was and losing my daughters at 20 weeks, you know,


I know that there's, you know, we talked about last week we talked about these traumas and these childhood wounds. You know, for me, making sure my sister's okay is really important to me. So as much as I'm excited, I'm also nervous, but my business has to cater to me. So we are going to learn this. And even I sometimes struggle too.


So don't feel bad. Sometimes I really go, oh man, you know, I want this and I have to go, wait a minute, let me take a step back and I have to go through my things. 'cause if I don't, if I do not make it a smart goal, I generally don't achieve it. Especially R is the hardest part for me.


'cause I have to go, oh, I really want this. And I go, wait a minute, if I in a place to actually follow through. And that's really important, you know, give yourself some grace. If your goal is something cra you know, really nice and big, this, you know, audacious goal, like opening up your own business,


that's a great goal. But let's make sure you can either afford a mobile unit or a down payment, right? Or have enough money in the bank to start that business. And I want you to remember one of the biggest aha moments I ever had, and I forget who said the quote, but they said, we overestimate what we can do in a year and we underestimate what we do in 10.


If you had told me in 10 years I would open up and sell to grooming businesses, be an international speaker, that I would be teaching hundreds and hundreds of students in the grooming industry, I would've never believed you in a second. I'd be like, that's a lot to do in 10 years. So give yourself some grace, okay guys, and really consider what 2022 has in store for you.


And don't just make it big because you feel like you need to make it big and don't make it small so you won't be disappointed. Alright everyone, well this is this show.