The Financial Journey

Survive.  Live.  Thrive.

You are barely making ends meet, you live paycheck to paycheck. When the phone rings at work you can feel the tension build in your chest... you know if this client cancels it could be the difference between paying the electric bill or eating ramen noodles. Barely paying your bills is extremely stressful. It's time to make a plan to cut personal expenses or increase income. Let's get budgeting!

You're ok, you may not be rich but you aren't worried about how you pay the light bill or how you are going to fix your car. You may even have a little extra money to invest in those swanky scissors you've been eyeballing although your spouse is begging for a much needed vacation! Take a breath, relax you've made it out of "survival mode", enjoy yourself but don't get stuck in neutral, stay focused and let's keep going!

You have made it! You've invested in yourself as a professional, you're saving for retirement, and you're out of debt or will be soon! You could quit grooming tomorrow if you wanted but you love nothing more than watching pets go from shaggy to chic. Passion is what drives your life, not the fear of financial worries. You have choices now like you've been dreaming about. You will not "groom till you die" but instead you can choose to "groom to live."

Just remember there is no finish line,
so love this journey and help others.