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Budget Action Plan

financial journey Sep 08, 2017

Are you ready to start you zero-based budget?  I know it can be a bit much but don't worry I've got your back!

  • Create your own budget form using excel, or pages.  
    If you do not want to create your own feel free to download our free Savvy Groomer Budget Essentials pdf or search for other budget forms online.
  • Calculate your "worst case scenario" income
    This is easily calculated if you are a w-2 employee,or have been at the same job for 2-3 years.  For those of you who own a business if you're using 123 pet software or something similar with reports try to look back at your worst months.  We use the worst months because then we know if we have an income problem or a spending problem.
  • Fill out your regular monthly bills.  
    Write your budget forms in pencil so you need to make changes it's erasable.  (Trust me, I end up making a mess in pen, which is also an option)  

 Part One: Survive

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