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Memory Gnomes

What is a Memory Gnome?

In the world of Savvy Groomer it is that thing you are trying to remember, trying to place, trying to get done... but for some reason you just can't seem to get your fingers on it.  Some people may call it a "blonde moment", even if you're not blonde.  If you're a dog lover you've seen a Labrador or Pug do this, if you're a cat lover you've seen a Persian do this.  I do this almost every morning, I put my keys on the key rack, right?  My son can't find his shoes, even though we have a shoe organizer... It MUST be little gnomes who came into my house last night and moved everything, there is no way I misplaced all this stuff, every day, all the time... right?

Professional Groomers

Who groom to pay their rent/mortgage, groceries, transportation costs, their grooming profession is their career.  This can be their twilight career or career in their 20s, but the most important thing is this is how they pay the bills.

Hobby Groomers


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Professional or Hobby Groomer: Why does it Matter?

The way that a groomer looks at their business (as a professional or as a hobby) allows Savvy Groomer to guide them in a specific way.

 A Hobby Groomer is less about the money and more about the fun, they may invest their skill set into something that may not have a strong or immediate return.  Which is fine, it’s a hobby! 
A Professional Groomer may need to be more focused and reserved in their investments.

 A Hobby Groomer is probably in a stage of life where they are retired, have dual income (maybe a stay at home mom or live with their parents), or enjoy grooming part time.  While this money will still need to be budgeted less of the net profit will need to go back into the business to grow and expand.. unless that's what you want to do!
A Professional Groomer may need to look at their bottom line and make harder choices.  Do I need to let go of one of my employees and take on...

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Professional or Hobby Groomer: What's the difference?

What is a Professional Groomer?

How I define a professional groomer is one that grooms for a living.  Do professional groomers love their job? Yes!  

Professional groomers have families to feed, roofs to keep over their heads and blades to sharpen.  While they love dogs, their customers and their job they have bills to pay. When looking at a dog to groom they take into account how much time and work this dog will require.  Will this client rebook on the schedule this style needs to be maintained?  Is this pet matted, will I be able to de-matt this pet in a timely manner that the customer is willing to pay me for my time and expertise?  Will grooming this giant breed dog allow me to hold my infant son without pain?  Is this worth it?  These questions asked are similar to other professions such as plumbers, mechanics and labor contractors.  Make the customer happy, protect your reputation and ensure what you are promising is...

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