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A Piece of the Pie

This blog post was originally published in Perfect Pointers Magazine, and on the National Cat Groomer's Institute Blog.


The idea of going feline-exclusive with my business scared me to death.  As a dog groomer I had the luxury of seeing potential clients dragging their owners around the local park.  I saw them ‘shopping’ with their owners at the local pet store, accepting cookies and belly rubs.  I saw dogs hanging out car windows, tongues flapping in the wind.  There are rarely any cats being walked at my local park, and I don’t see many kitties getting belly rubs or cookies at the pet store.  If I ever see a cat hanging out a car window, tongue flailing in whimsical glory, I promise to take video. 

As a cat groomer I may see cats roaming my neighborhood, but they are not attached to a customer.  There is no other end of the leash to hand a business card to and start a...

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You are your Secret Sauce

Thanksgiving is a time of families and food, it’s a time for people to pull out their big cooking pots and cook books that they only use once a year… It’s turkey time!  As someone who burns water I decided to cater our family dinner from my favorite Italian restaurant.  I knew the food would be amazing, well seasoned, fresh, made from scratch, just delicious quality!  Taking a huge bite into his mashed potatoes my grandfather smiles and exclaims,

“This is delicious!  They must have expensive pots!”

“Oh yes!” my mother agrees “and they must have top-notch ovens!”

“Probably really invested a lot in the blenders to make these potatoes creamy!”

OK, so maybe that conversation didn’t happen.
My family instead commented on how amazing the food was. 
Delicious, great value. 
Everyone complimented the chef on the quality of their skill, at no point did they assume the chef used their tools...

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