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A Piece of the Pie

This blog post was originally published in Perfect Pointers Magazine, and on the National Cat Groomer's Institute Blog.


The idea of going feline-exclusive with my business scared me to death.  As a dog groomer I had the luxury of seeing potential clients dragging their owners around the local park.  I saw them ‘shopping’ with their owners at the local pet store, accepting cookies and belly rubs.  I saw dogs hanging out car windows, tongues flapping in the wind.  There are rarely any cats being walked at my local park, and I don’t see many kitties getting belly rubs or cookies at the pet store.  If I ever see a cat hanging out a car window, tongue flailing in whimsical glory, I promise to take video. 

As a cat groomer I may see cats roaming my neighborhood, but they are not attached to a customer.  There is no other end of the leash to hand a business card to and start a...

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