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Memory Gnome Repellent

The Memory Gnomes like to come out and play
Here is some of my favorite memory gnome repellents:

Grooming Appointment / Client information Software
This is a great tool to store information about client names, addresses, phone numbers, pet grooming/behavioral notes, price, and my favorite, how much they tip!  Client cards and appointment books may be a time waster for the average professional groomer.

Book Keeper OR Book Keeping Software
Choosing to use a book keeper or to do book keeping by themselves is a decision all professional groomers should make early on, otherwise the Memory Gnomes will bring their squirrel army to eat through all the envelopes you've saved with receipts all year.

Calendar / Online Calendar / Online Project Manager
As people who are working a hard physical job all day, trying to cram in life, family and maybe a nap it's important to start planning out our days beyond "dear God make it stop".  I am a pen and paper kind of girl for my day to day "must...

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Memory Gnomes

What is a Memory Gnome?

In the world of Savvy Groomer it is that thing you are trying to remember, trying to place, trying to get done... but for some reason you just can't seem to get your fingers on it.  Some people may call it a "blonde moment", even if you're not blonde.  If you're a dog lover you've seen a Labrador or Pug do this, if you're a cat lover you've seen a Persian do this.  I do this almost every morning, I put my keys on the key rack, right?  My son can't find his shoes, even though we have a shoe organizer... It MUST be little gnomes who came into my house last night and moved everything, there is no way I misplaced all this stuff, every day, all the time... right?

Professional Groomers

Who groom to pay their rent/mortgage, groceries, transportation costs, their grooming profession is their career.  This can be their twilight career or career in their 20s, but the most important thing is this is how they pay the bills.

Hobby Groomers


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