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Budgets are Sexy

budgeting Feb 27, 2019

Think of the word “sexy” and what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Maybe that's garter belts and lingerie, a bottle of wine and candles...  I often find myself fantasizing about a juicy double bacon cheeseburger that I indulge in while wearing pj pants binging on Netflix...  I have no doubt in my mind that a personal budget and/or  money reports for your business were NOT at the top of that sexy list! LOL

That’s true for most people. Ask nearly any groomer and they’ll all tell you they hate budgets and bookkeeping. No one hates burgers, even vegans have plant based burger alternatives. Think about how you feel right before biting into a burger, your mouth waters, you close your eyes, it's like the pottery scene in Ghost.  (if you don't know what I'm talking about, google that)  If that's not sexy I don't know what is...  You can train your brain to create that same sense of pleasure when you do your budget.

There seems to be a fear about numbers, math or doing the calculations wrong that stops a lot of people from really making a commitment with their budgets.  Sometimes when talking to groomers I feel like they're waiting for someone else to pick up the slack, but the reality is I don't know any groomers who have an accounting department of their own.  Karen from finance isn't going to come through this door and do your budget for you, I wish!

But what if I told you that budgets CAN be sexy and don’t have to lead to worry and agony every month? Instead of always worrying that you don’t have enough money, think about all the things you can do for your personal life, your business – or as a result of your business – that will bring joy to you and to others.

I know, that’s a hard habit to break, always worrying about if you're making enough money or simply worrying where your money is actually going?  Sometimes the math just seems off, you knew you earned more than enough to cover your expenses but somehow it all went poof.

Let me introduce Savvy Groomer's newest webinar:

How often do we look down at our bank balance to see a number less than what we thought it was?  You KNOW you had more, but where did it go? What have you been holding off on or giving up because of your money running off on you?  Savvy Groomer’s River Lee walks you through 3 secrets to figure out where your money is going and take back control to start living the life you want.

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