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The Importance of a Written Budget

budgeting financial journey survive Apr 16, 2019

Blah Blah Blah, write your budget budget down, blah blah blah.

I find myself sounding like a broken record talking to groomers about the importance of writing a budget down.  I feel like the grooming instructor mentioning how your grooming is only as good as your bathing.  The truth of the matter is when I write down my budget, and I honestly do every month, I am signing a contract with myself.  I am holding my word of honor and integrity to myself.  I am agreeing that not spend more than what I've written down... by that same token I've also agreed to not make myself feel guilty for spending that money either.  


Your budget gives you permission to spend money. -Rachel Cruze

The grooming salon is a place of chaos, things are always changing, it is a dance between having a system and acknowledging that the system only works with flexibility... it's the same with your budget.  Let's assume you've decided you will only spend $200 this month on food and then you realize you simply can't eat ramen every night.  It's ok to admit to yourself "ok, maybe this was a bit TOO ambitious".  You can always go back, take from one category and fill another, as long as the budget equals zero.  You have complete control of this budget.  Without it you are probably not going to know how much you've spent so far.

Your written budget is very important, I will keep sounding like a broken record because it's true.  

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