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Appointment Book for your Finances

budgeting Mar 26, 2019

When talking about budgeting I see groomers cringe or wrinkle their nose.  We hear the word budget and we think of restrictions, what we are going to have to give up... instead of thinking about what we are gaining.

When I look at my budget I look at what it ALLOWS me to buy.  Does my budget this month say pb&j sandwiches or does it say filet mignon?  Does my budget say I can buy a third bravura or is it telling me I should probably wait a few months?

If you were to run a grooming salon without an appointment book, it would be pure chaos.  Can you imagine an appointment book where you know who is coming in today but sure when they're coming in and exactly what they're getting?  That is what happens when you make a "list" of bills and pay them as they come in vs actually doing a budget!  When you make an appointment book you say "I can do this many grooms in this many hours, if I want to take on a larger groom I need to plan more of my time I need to make the time".  If you're in a salon where grooms always run over, your boss takes on too many grooms or promises unrealistic turn arounds how does that make you feel?  Your money plan works the same way!

Imagine what it would feel like if you knew exactly how much money you had to save towards your future business each month, you could watch that money grow.  What if you had extra money in the bank to take a week off work, would you go on vacation?  Would you go to a trade show?  Maybe you know you earn a lot of money but you can't figure out exactly Where Is My Money Going?

Let me introduce Savvy Groomer's newest webinar:

How often do we look down at our bank balance to see a number less than what we thought it was?  You KNOW you had more, but where did it go? What have you been holding off on or giving up because of your money running off on you?  Savvy Groomer’s River Lee walks you through 3 secrets to figure out where your money is going and take back control to start living the life you want.

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