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Clients Must Know, Like, & Trust You

Nov 14, 2023

Let them get to know you. Let them get to like you. Let them get to trust you. It may not be you. It may be your brand. That really depends upon your long-term business growth. Are you always going to be the solopreneur? Are you planning on building a team? Do you always want to be the face of the company? These are all very different ideas.

For the Green Paw Spa in the beginning I was the brand and then it made it very difficult to grow. Then when I sold that Rhode Island Cat Grooming was the brand. I was in the van, but I wouldn't say I was the brand necessarily. That worked out really well when I hired employees. But with Savvy Groomer, I am the brand and I didn't want to be the face of this brand, but if you guys can't get to know me, if you can't like me, and if you can't trust me, then I can't help you because, especially where I go totally against a lot of the grain in the grooming industry and I say basically the opposite of what a lot of people that should have trust do, so that's really tough guys.

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