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Change your Denial Mindset

budgeting Mar 05, 2019

If you have ever had a toddler in your house, then you know the game of “if I close my eyes then I disappear.”  This is called Object Permanence in the world of Developmental Psychology; the kids don’t understand that the world around them still exists even if they can’t see it. That's why dogs are smarter than babies, they know that ball hidden behind your back is still there...  Cats are even smarter because they just don't care.

Now think about that once a year doodle, most often they've chosen to completely ignore their dog being slowly mummified in matts.  Somehow they assume we will have a magic wand to just wave to make it all better, but sadly we don't.  

What about your own financial feelings?  How do you act when you think about your personal budget or your business budget for your grooming salon?  If you don’t print out bank statements, reports or look at your financial statements, does that mean you're not making a profit or loss?  Did your finances get matted on the car ride over, or when your in laws watched the shop while you were on vacation?  Let's be real for a moment, are you in financial denial and clueless about the true state of affairs? Be honest.

Denial won’t get you anywhere but in a pickle down the road; denial will lead to groomer burnout, no emergency fund if you're bitten badly or worse, back working for someone who sucks the soul out of you. 

There’s no time like the present to tackle this denial problem so face your money fears head-on and take a look at your personal bank statement, right now. Now really decide how you feel about your income.  Think about the lifestyle you want to lead for you and your family.  Doesn't your dog deserve a mom who can take them to the park on the weekends?  Your cat needs a giant cat tree so you can feel like you've done your best when he sleeps in a box like he's homeless.    Oh and those awesome human kids too, they need stuff.  Journal about your fears and possible steps for overcoming those money fears.  Maybe you worry people will judge you when you have more money, but the truth is, they're probably judging you anyway.  You're a groomer, you squeeze anal glands and then ask what's for lunch.

While we may not love numbers, budgets give you the power to do great things in your business – and in life.

Let me introduce Savvy Groomer's newest webinar:

How often do we look down at our bank balance to see a number less than what we thought it was?  You KNOW you had more, but where did it go? What have you been holding off on or giving up because of your money running off on you?  Savvy Groomer’s River Lee walks you through 3 secrets to figure out where your money is going and take back control to start living the life you want.

Want more? 

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