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Dunkin Donuts Customers

marketing value yourself Jan 02, 2018


I would say this is about half of the grooming industry, Dunkin Donuts reminds me of the typical local shop. Their work is good, maybe there is one or two amazing artists who can preform specialty skills but for the most part the customers are here for their "coffee and doughnuts". Customers are ordinary people, they want their pet clean, well groomed but most owners don't expect a hand scissored finish.

A 4 all over so their dog can swim in the family pool and go camping all summer. Depending on the owner of the salon these customers can be loyal, or fickle. Customers may or may not be on a regular schedule, the ownership would have to set healthy boundaries with clients to create that sense of urgency. These shops tend to be one or more employees, sometimes they are mobile but it is hard to charge lower prices and afford a top of the line grooming van.

Sometimes they're at home groomers or house call groomers. Semi-retired groomers who just want to flex their scissor skills and groom for the joy of it. There is no right or wrong, Dunkin Donuts style salons offer a good cup of coffee at a reasonable price.

Depending on location I'd assume a shih tzu haircut would be $35-55 at this salon.


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