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Groomer Burnout is Real- Trapped

burnout value yourself Dec 15, 2017

I knew when I was running my dog grooming salon I was becoming burnt out. I was working 60-80 hours a week, I had 5 employees that were finally amazing but needed a lot of guidance. I was trying to take time off to spend time with my young son, so I decided to take off my first Christmas eve off since owning my salon, which turned into a disaster when I came back:

 I'm sure you can relate!

I felt exhausted all the time, I had worked so hard to build this life with my son so we could do better... I wasn’t happy.  I felt like something had to give.  I wished someone had talked to me about groomer burn out because it is so real.

Re-evaluate your life and business

Is your business style or current employment right for you?
Mobile? In-home? House call? Salon? Salon with employees? Are your co-workers super catty assholes? Do they do a LOT of big dogs? What is your ideal client / ideal situation? Are you there now? Can you work towards or change your current situation?

When was the last time you had a holiday or weekend off?
Do you get frustrated with your days off or how many days off you have? I found I did the best when I worked Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I'd rather do 4 long days then 5 shorter days. I made Wednesday my paperwork/office day and that left the weekend to actually have some time off. I never was able to get out of work early anyway, so what was a few more hours on those 4 work days?

Is your business model right for you?
Is your passion dwindling because you want weekends off, holidays off, nights off? Or is it you need to plan an exit strategy out of the grooming industry or have it evolve?

Groomer Burn out is Real: Financial
Groomer Burn out is Real: Physical

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