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Grooming Business Insights: Swiping Left On Fling Clients

Aug 22, 2023

Your fling clients, also known as like the Tinder date kind of clients. You'll hear me refer to them as the Hot Pocket guys. They're the kind of people that you should either A, totally avoid, or B, you should take it with a grain of salt.

A lot of you guys treat your soulmate, your ideal, and your fling clients exactly the same. You don't make your fling clients do much of anything.

Fling clients can also be the every 12 week clients are clients that wanna be groomed once or twice a year. There's nothing you're going to do that's going to make them change their mind. They're not going to change their mind about getting groomed more often. They're not going to change their mind about basically anything because they're not invested in your business. They're not invested in building a relationship, and there's nothing about that situation that's going to get much, if any better.


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