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Is your business the hot pocket guy?

Sep 05, 2023

So when you guys are thinking about your soulmate client are you that fat, not literally you, is your business that hot pocket eating person who wants a hot successful wife? I don't know.

A lot of you guys, when I talk to you, I'm like, “Why would someone pick you?” It's almost like, “Well, my grooms are really beautiful.” 

That is like the guy, the hot pocket eating dead-end job lives, again, four roommates three bedrooms or five roommates four bedrooms but he's really artistic or he's in a band, which was cool when we were like 20 but now that we're in our 30s we're like, “I need more than that.”

So I want you guys to think about that because whenever you guys say “I do the best haircut” it's kind of like saying “he's in a band.” In theory that's good. It's great. There are very few people who pay top dollar for the best haircut. People that are Starbucks clients, there are two things they like. Again, the executive. Either the executive needs convenience or he's very vain. If your goal is to get the vain people, which is a market, that executive doesn't care what it costs. He's going to come there and it better be perfect. It better be perfect every time which means you're never hiring an employee because you will never have anyone who does it as good as you and the second it's not perfect they're going to flip out.

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