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Membership Business Model Workshop Sneak Peek

Aug 02, 2022

Memberships are growing in popularity. A membership made my business grow in ways that I couldn’t expect. With that said, it’s not for everyone. Memberships need to be really tightly brought around visions of your business, and what you enjoy as a groomer. Anybody can do a membership. It’s just a matter of what your goal is. You’ll need to figure out what your objective is and then figure out how to do just that. 


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of adding a membership model to your pet grooming business:



  • Increase your bottom line profits



This is the most obvious but certainly worth mentioning, because who doesn’t want to earn more money. If you created a for profit business, which most of you have, you’re not running hobbies, you’re running a business, and extra ways to earn income are always welcome.



  • Regain time in your day



I know that this takes time to create and set up in the beginning, but in the end it will all be worth it. Jump ahead and think of when your membership is completely set up and the upfront work is done. You will have income to rely on that is consistent. 



  • The ability to help more people



This benefit is especially true for an unlimited membership model. Think of a membership as a way to share your expertise.


Your customers trust your knowledge, and a membership allows you to show your expertise to infinitely more people.


A snowball at the top of a mountain is very small, which represents you and your inner circle of grooming clients. 5 pets per day, 4 days a week, 20 pets a week, which is about where I like to be. Now that’s 80 pets a month that I could personally groom.


If I hired a bather I could groom more pets. But it’s tough to figure out those numbers. Let’s say that you can now groom 100 pets a month. That’s still not a lot of people, but it’s definitely more people.


When that snowball at the top starts traveling down the hill, the same is true if you want to help more people.


  • Leverage your skillset


This is a great way to leverage your skillset. If you want to focus on the finishing groom, you can do just that.


  • Pets are better behaved and in better condition


Having customers come in more often means their pet is better behaved and in better condition. 


  • People have to commit to being your customers


Having a membership means people have to commit to being your customers.


There’s all different ways to run your business. The most important thing is to figure out what makes you happy and how you’re going to run a business in a way that really fulfills your life. Too often groomers spend so much time creating a business that runs their life, instead of figuring out a way to have a life that is supported by their business. I want a business that supports my life, not a life that supports my business.

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