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Not Every Hero (Client) Is Going To Make The Perfect Choice

Sep 12, 2023

Ultimately not every hero is going to make the perfect choice. You’re going to have some missteps and that’s fine.

You’re going to suggest something and they’re going to say, “No, I want to do every 6 or 8 weeks.” You can say, “That’s fine. I just want to make sure you’re aware.”

Then when they come back and they say, “The villain’s not taken care of, the shedding is still happening.” You can then say, again, “I highly suggest we do every 4 weeks, every hair cycle.”

Remind them and guide them. I can’t fix their problem without their help and their need for that to be resolved. 

Consider that. And I want you to consider that the hero and the villain are not always sustainable forever. You can’t save everyone. You can’t please everyone.

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