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Run your Own Race

value yourself Nov 04, 2018

"Run your own race", the middle aged gym teacher would tell us moments before blowing the whistle.  We knew we didn't want to be the last girl to cross the finish line, that person would have some menial task to perform.  Collect 100 cones, make sure all the soccer balls were filled, or some other task that made teenagers groan.  

As a sprinter I would dash quickly ahead of everyone, knowing someone would quickly be following at my heels.  I wanted to be first.  I'd push myself, feeling myself losing steam, yet people started to pass me.  First one, then two and three.  I'd feel my legs grow heavy, and my lungs begin to burn as I desperately tried to hold for middle of the pack.  By mile two I was exhausted and burnt out; I would fall further and further back.  I'd never be last but I would never never be first, or even the top 50% of my soccer team.

I would tell myself they were more talented, have longer legs, they were simply "luckier".  Yes, some were more genetically built for running, some were just talented.  Most, however, trained to run a lot harder than I did.  One of my team members, Meghan, got up at 4 am to run several miles before school, and would often run a few more after school- rain or shine.  Her goal was to get on a college team with a scholarship, I just wanted to have a little fun.  As an adult I can see how comparing myself to Meghan was insane, we were on the same team but in reality we weren't in the same league, we didn't want the same thing.  I wasn't willing to sacrifice to the same level she was to achieve her success.

Focus on YOUR dreams and YOUR goals.  Align them with your honest self and season.  

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