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They're Not all your Customers

branding marketing value yourself Dec 21, 2017


Starbucks.  Dunkin Donuts.  Mcdonalds.
They all sell coffee

The product is the same.  The branding, ideal client and price point is totally different.

Photo credit: Business Insider


Known for its high-end brand, elaborate lattes and particular customers. Standing in line the orders are for extra wet, no foam, red eye, breve, with soy or hold the whip lattes.

Dunkin Donuts    

Focusing on everyday people getting their coffee and getting to work. Medium Iced Regular, Large Hot Extra Extra, Double chocolate doughnut, Bacon Egg and Cheese on a Croissant. While recently they've added lattes; their main focus is the daily commuter getting their coffee and breakfast.


McDonald's coffee is known as "surprisingly good" for it's price point and the fact that it's, well, McDonalds. Hungry commuters or weary travelers can get a cup of coffee, a breakfast sandwich and hash browns. Coffee is more of an accessary to the meal then the main event. The price point is well below their other competitors.

Starbucks focuses on quality, Dunkin focuses on consistency and Mcdonald's focuses on affordability

Enough coffee talk?  Imagine these are 3 different privately owned grooming salons.
Do you want to be Starbucks, Dunkin or McDonalds?

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