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Uncover The 3 Types Of Client Relationships

Oct 03, 2023

There's basically three types of relationships they have with their clients and we talked about that last time. I was talking to one of my coaching clients and we were talking about it. She's like, “Oh yeah, sometimes you just have a hookup. And I'm like, “Yes, like the once a year and the come jump around kind of people are these hookups.” So you have your soulmate client which is the client that the second you meet them you know they're the one. They have exactly the kind of pet you want. They are happy to pay your price. All of that. It's just like immediately you two meet and it's bliss. You have your ideal client and I want you to think of them like when you're dating. They're kind of more like the person that you're going to date and see how it goes. Sometimes you fall madly in love. Sometimes there has to be a lot of give and take.

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