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Budget Action Plan (Thrive)

financial journey Sep 29, 2017

If you haven't already please read
Budget Action Plan
Step One: Survive
Step Two: Live
Before continuing on this journey

Thrive is the final step, this is where you can focus on getting the best insurance you can afford, giving to charity, growing your business and feeling comfortable knowing you have a fully funded 6 month - 1-year emergency fund.

Protect you and your family:
Health Insurance (the good kind!), life insurance, disability insurance, an emergency fund dedicated to that potential "career ending bite".

Give back:
Financial & time-based charity

Grow yourself and your business:
Trade shows, books/DVDs, online courses, hands-on training, business growth, business coaching.

At this stage, you should feel safe.  That cat bite or slip and fall will not leave you broke and broken.  You can share your prosperity by teaching other groomers or do foster.

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