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To be Unclear is to be Unkind: Employers

communication Nov 10, 2017

If you haven't already please read
To be Unclear is to Unkind

Employers, figure out EXACTLY what you and do not expect of your employee. Take that time, makes it clear in your mind what those expectations are, and if they’re reasonable. Would your “ideal employee” be your bather with those expectations? Would they learn to groom and still want to stay at your shop, or move to greener pastures? When hiring a groomer what are you offering?  Would you as a groomer consider the hours and money worth it? What is flexible and what is concrete?

Assuming you have read through employees and written a list of your own "ideal employee" traits, what's next?

Create an employee handbook to make sure your employees know your policies and can easily reference them

  • Dress code, what is and isn’t allowed?
    • Piercings?
    • Tattoos?
    • Hair color?
  • How should they speak to customers, are there words you’d prefer them to use and words you’d rather they not?
    • Parent?
    • Fur Baby?
    • No swearing
    • Only certain 'foul' or 'colorful' words?
  • How many pets per day do you expect them to complete?
    • By points (large dog worth 4 points, small dog worth 2 points)
    • Grooms and bath dogs?
    • If falling behind can they ask for help?
  • If it’s a slow day do they get less pay, or will you make it up?
    • Hourly, less hours but can come in early Saturday
    • Work in a different department?
    • Less dogs means deep cleaning day?
  • If it’s an unexpected closed day, (snow storm, power outage, etc) do they or do they not get paid?
    • No power / snow storm, for a week?
    • A day?  Two days?

You can not take someone else's expectations and make it your own.  Take some time to really digest what it is you need and what you want.  

"To be Unclear is to be Unkind" - Dave Ramsey

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