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Not your Piggy Bank

budgeting financial journey Apr 10, 2019

We've all done it... we are all guilty of it.

The company card in hand, at the gas station, out to dinner or at the store.  Is this really a business expense?  Probably not but we tell ourselves "this is part of being a business owner, the business paying for things".  It starts with a tank of gas, then it's towels that are actually for the house but you can always give the old ones to the shop... A laptop "for work".  You slowly start embezzling from your own company without realizing.  Some it's an occasional thing, some it becomes a way of life.  You've turned your business into your personal piggy bank which does not allow it to function as needed.

Is it because you are a bad person?  Obviously not.  Is it because you're lazy or dumb?  Of coarse not!  It's just so easy because there isn't someone to tell you no or to stop you.  If you were a manager of "Your Shop Inc" would you handle your business finances the way you do?  Probably not.  You probably would need to show your boss the projected monthly income, the expenses, you'd know how much money the shop needed to make every day and have a plan on how you'd do it.  Or you'd be fired, right?  

Generally there are two reasons you are doing this behavior.

1.  You're burnt out.

2. Your personal finances are not under control.

For groomers who are burnt out I really suggest reading my Burn out Series.
It's made for those who feel they are burnt out Physically, Financially, or feeling Trapped.  I've been all three so I totally understand exactly how you feel.  There is nothing worse then doing what you love and starting to feel the fire slowly burning out.

Admitting your personal finances are out of control doesn't mean you're broke.  It means you have no idea where any of it is going.  A budget doesn't restrict your spending it gives you permission to spend your money, both personally and business wise.  I talk about the importance of budgeting in my blog post: Appointment Book for your Finances.  The Truth is you need a budget, you need to know how much is going and where it's going.  If you're struggling with this I would strongly suggest getting on my waitlist for my online course Personal Finance on a Leash.  We walk groomers through the 9 step Roadmap to Financial Success to creating wealth and long term freedom.  I would love to see you there.  You can also consider going through similar programs or self learning courses, this is just an online course created for groomers by groomers.

Give yourself some grace when you mess up, but give yourself the strength to change. Change is good.  Happy Grooming 

River Lee, 
The Savvy Groomer

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